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Sellics Review The: Most Well-Known Seller Tool, But Is It The Best?
Well, one of the most positive things about using Sellics is how it pulls accurate data and metrics from Amazon and translates them into clear, easy to digest insights. It would be incredibly easy for a tool that does this many different things to be a cant see the wood for the trees situation, with so many data and different functions going on that its difficult to understand whats going on - its commendable that Sellics doesnt fall into this trap and manages to prioritise user experience and design almost as well as the more specialised tools. Although, Sellics only shows data for the past two months, which is a bit of a shame. Its also important to note that Sellics comes in two main packages, the Seller Edition and the Vendor Edition.
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This tool in particular has saved me a lot of money and inventory space after seeing that a product I was about to purchase was in fact selling very poorly.The last thing I would like to highlight is Sellics PPC manager, which helps me manage the performance of my ads on Amazon.
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Write a New Review. Sellics is an all-in-one tool for Amazon sellers featuring profit calculation by SKU and organic or PPC sales; inventory management; review management; keyword ranking tracker; product research tool; Sponsored Products PPC manager; and competitor monitoring. Sellics Benchmarker analyses ad campaigns and provides an Amazon PPC evaluation.Access to Sellics Benchmarker is free.
Sellics erhält Finanzierung von 10 Millionen US-Dollar Marketing-BÖRSE.
Wenn E-Commerce die Zukunft des Einzelhandels ist und Amazon die Zukunft des E-Commerce, dann ist Sellics auch langfristig hervorragend im Markt aufgestellt. Denn das junge Unternehmen aus Berlin hilft mit seiner führenden All-in-One-E-Commerce-Software Tausenden Markenunternehmen und Agenturen dabei, erfolgreich auf Amazon zu verkaufen.
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Sellics deep insight into and partnership with Amazon has resulted in them being the preferred 3rd party analytics software for vendors and advertisers working through the Amazon marketplace. Frog helped the Sellics team to scale their commercial, finance, operations and technology teams to internationalise and meet the huge demand facing them.
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Sellics is revolutionizing commerce, starting with the worlds biggest online marketplace: Amazon. From starting as a group of friends with targeted business insights and under €2,000, in self-invested startup capital, weve transformed into the force we are today: a profitable Mehr lesen.
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Founded in 2015, Sellics is an international and growing SaaS company with offices in Berlin and New York City and a remote-friendly environment. What We Do. We believe that e-commerce will be dominated by a small number of giant platforms e.g. Amazon, Shopify, Alibaba.
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With one subscription, sellers can get access to over 5 features that work together to help them take their FBA business to the next level. Lets examine the benefits of Sellics integrated Amazon tool and how you can leverage it to maximize your sales on Amazon FBA.
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PPC is critical to your selling success on Amazon. However, once you start managing dozens or even hundreds of products, managing your PPC campaigns in a cost-effective manner is difficult. Thats where PPC software like Sellics can make a huge difference.
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Das ist sehr hilfreich, um zu schauen, wie erfolgreiche Verkäufer ähnliche Artikel präsentieren. Wenn ihr die Keywords für euer Produkt in Sellics erstellt habt, überwacht das Tool euren Verkaufsrang für die hinterlegten Keywords. Leider könnt ihr bereits im Sellercentral hinterlegte Keywords nicht einfach in das Programm importieren. Ein sehr schönes Feature ist auch der Rezensions- Wächter, der euch per Mail über jede eingehende neue Rezension informiert, so dass ihr nicht jeden Tag alle eure Produkte nach neuen Rezensionen durchsehen müsst. PPC- Kampagnen- Steuerung und Automatisierung. Noch recht neu, aber schon sehr wirkungsvoll ist das die Möglichkeit, eure PPC- Werbekampagnen bei Amazon mithilfe automatisierter Prozesse zu optimieren.

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